• Managing Tooth Sensitivity
    At Clark Family Dentistry we understand that some tooth sensitivity can be easy to ignore, as long as you avoid cold or hot food and beverages. However, ignoring it can Read more
  • Is a Tooth Extraction Necessary?
    Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you might have a tooth that just can’t be saved—even by one of our dentists. Here are just a few of the many reasons you Read more
  • What can Dentures do for you?
    Whether you lost your teeth in a bad accident or as the result of years of decay, you might be left with a gap-toothed, embarrassing smile. Missing teeth can also Read more
  • Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body
    Caring for your teeth is caring for your body, and many of the habits that are healthy for one are also healthy for the other. Good dental care lowers your Read more
  • Happy New Year from Clark Family Dental
    Make Dental Health A New Year’s Resolution! Dr. Beth and Dr. Chris would like you and your family to make dental health a priority in 2016. In fact, why not make Read more
  • Dental Health and the Coming of Age
    Many of the diseases brought on by age can have a detrimental effect on dental health. Heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and pneumonia are all linked to tooth decay and dental Read more
  • Happy Holidays from Clark Family Dental
    Here at Clark Family Dental, we have more than just cutting-edge technology and excellent reviews. We also have the best staff members and patients in the world. Our dental hygienists, Read more
  • Happy Thanksgiving from Clark Family Dental
    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We hope that you will have the chance to take a little time away from work, enjoy your friends and family, and delve into some delectable holiday Read more
  • Dentistry for the Entire Family
    Every age has special dental needs. At Clark Family Dental, we look out for the whole family, and offer checkups and dental cleanings to everyone, as well as individualized service Read more
  • Keeping your Smile Bright
    It can be hard to take pride in teeth that are yellowed or stained. Teeth whitening is one of the fastest ways to beautify your smile and boost your confidence. Read more
  • We Keep Every Generation of your Family Smiling
    At Clark Family Dental, we want everyone in your family to have comfortable, healthy, beautiful teeth. For that reason, we offer a huge variety of services meant for every age Read more
  • Keeping Your Smile Bright
    It can be hard to take pride in teeth that are yellowed or stained. Teeth whitening is one of the fastest ways to beautify your smile and boost your confidence. Read more
  • Two Reasons Preventive Dental Care is Important
    Unless you experience sudden, painful dental problems or work in a dental office, it might be easy to forget about your semi-annual dental checkups. Unfortunately, skipping your exams could cause Read more
  • 5 Myths About Porcelain Veneers
    If you have trouble with your natural teeth’s appearance, you might be thinking about investing cosmetic dentistry; in porcelain veneers. However, after sharing the exciting news with your friends and family, Read more
  • What are the Advantages of Invisalign?
    Cosmetic dentistry is about much more than simply vanity. It’s an important part of good oral hygiene, and can affect both the health of the mouth and the health of Read more
  • A Healthy Smile at Every Stage of the Game
    At Clark Family Dental, we offer several types of restorative dentistry, dental work that restores your mouth to full health, beauty, and functionality. It means examining, diagnosing, and treating diseases Read more

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