What can Dentures do for you?


Whether you lost your teeth in a bad accident or as the result of years of decay, you might be left with a gap-toothed, embarrassing smile. Missing teeth can also make it difficult to enjoy your favorite foods, or carry on a conversation with the people that you love.

Fortunately, you don’t have to let missing teeth ruin your conversations, meals, appearance, and put you at risk for bone loss. Modern dentures are incredibly realistic, and can provide a decent level of stimulation to keep your jaw healthy.

Modern Advancements In Denture Technology

Because of extensive improvements in dental technology, newer dentures are better than ever before. Here are just a few ways that dentures have improved over the years, and why they might be right for you.

Precise Imaging

In the past, dentists relied completely on X-rays and oral molds to create dentures for their patients. Unfortunately, these techniques are far from perfect, and dentists were often left trying to retrofit a set of dentures to make them fit. However, these days, dentists have access to incredibly accurate imaging technology. Newer inter-oral cameras can scan patient’s mouths and create a 3-D virtual image, so that technicians can make dentures that fit patients perfectly.

A More Comfortable Fit

Dentists even have access to special machines that simulate the muscle movement of your mouth, so that your dentures will fit comfortably in any situation. A perfect fit can do more than help you to keep those new dentures in your mouth. When dentures fit properly, patients don’t have to rely on products like dental adhesives, which can have negative side effects such as skin irritation and an unpleasant taste. An improved fit also means that patients have fewer sore spots, so that they can wear their dentures for longer during the day.

Realistic Appearance

Newer dental compounds are also designed to match gum and teeth colors more closely, so that you won’t have to worry about your dentures blending in. You can have partial bridges or large sections of your teeth reconstructed with dentures, and even your closest friends and family members won’t be able to tell the difference.

Better Breath

Dentures that fit better also reduce instances of bad breath in patients. When dentures are loose, food particles can gather in the mouth, and sore spots can become infected—leading to bad breath. However, dentures that fit snugly will keep food where it belongs, and help you to avoid that characteristic “denture smell.”

If you are interested in getting dentures, contact our office today to set up a consultation. We would be happy to show you different examples of dentures, and talk with you about the advantages and drawbacks of different tooth replacement options.

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