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  • The Oral Systemic Connection
    Taking great care of your oral health is hugely important, not just generally speaking, but because of the oral-systemic connection. What is the oral-systemic connection? Oral systemic link refers to the connection Read more
  • Children’s Dentistry FAQs
    Here at Clark Family Dental, we offer children’s dentistry that will ensure that your child’s oral hygiene starts out in the right way. Here are some of the FAQ’s that Read more
  • Dental Caps and Crowns
    Have you ever wondered what treatments are available from a dentist? As an experienced dentist in New Albany, we provide various types of dental treatments. Some of our most common procedures Read more
  • Foods That Can Help Whiten Your Teeth
    Nothing makes you feel more confident than a bright, beautiful smile. At Clark Family Dental, we specialize in creating radiant, white, healthy smiles and we’re always happy to share secrets Read more
  • Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry
    Smiling can be one of the simplest ways to brighten our day. It can also brighten the day of those around us. For some smiling isn’t always something they look Read more
  • Oral Health Tips for The New Year
    When a new year begins we like to reflect on the things that we have accomplished and learned. We also like to make new goals for ourselves and our families. Read more
  • Dental Care Tips for the Holidays
    The holidays are for family, friends, fun, and food. However, even when you are having a good time, it is important to still keep your dental health in mind. This Read more
  • Healthy Halloween Tips & Treats
    Halloween is right around the corner! It is a time for fun, tricks, and best of all TREATS! It can be hard to avoid sweet temptations, especially with the amount Read more
  • Tips for Reducing Your Oral Cancer Risk
    Oral cancer is a very real and deadly plague. Though not as talked about or given as much attention as other types of cancer, as it is currently measured, its Read more
  • How to Avoid Painful and Expensive Dental Issues
    Taking care of your teeth is more important than most people believe. If you don’t take care of your teeth now you may end up spending thousands of dollars in Read more
  • Summertime Dental Tips
    Summer! It makes us all think of our favorite treats; lemonade, fresh fruit, ice cream, and cook outs with sweet corn on the cob. While all of these treats bring Read more
  • Root Canal Treatment
    Our culture places a great deal of fear around the idea of a root canal. It has become synonymous with anything painful and uncomfortable. Much has changed in dentistry over Read more
  • Helping Your Teen Achieve Independent Oral Health Care
    As children get older and become more independent it gets harder and harder for parents to have a direct influence on their child’s dental care. When your child makes this Read more
  • Why You Shouldn’t Open Things With Your Teeth
    Every day we use different tools to accomplish something. Whether it is fixing a tire or opening a can of pickles. Sometimes the tools we use are simply our two Read more
  • Diabetes and Oral Health
    Diabetes can lead to many health problems which can be overwhelming. Clark Family Dental is here to help with oral health related issues as a result of Diabetes. Did you Read more
  • New Year’s Dental Health Resolutions
    We have started a new year. Do you have resolutions? We all want to make goals and they usually include bettering ourselves in some way. What if one goal could Read more

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