Preventive Dentistry

Dental decay can lead to intense pain and an unsightly, embarrassing smile, which is why we focus heavily on preventive care here at Clark Family Dental. In addition to compromising your self-esteem, dental decay can make it hard to talk, eat, and drink properly—which can affect your normal day-to-day activities. If dental decay is left unchecked, it can even cause oral infections and periodontal disease, which can increase inflammation and put you at a higher risk for conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, endocarditis, and even cancer. Fortunately, with the right preventive care, you can keep your smile and your overall health in check.

Preventive Dentistry From Clark Family Dental

Clark Family Dental offers a wide range of preventive care, including:

Professional Cleanings

During your semi-annual checkup, our thorough dental hygienists will gently deep clean, floss, and polish your teeth. These deep cleanings are essential to remove plaque and tartar deposits from the surface of your teeth. In addition to making your teeth look and feel smoother, deep cleanings can also prevent bacteria from forming pockets underneath your gum line, which can cause gingivitis and periodontitis. During your appointment, our hygienists will also take x-rays of your mouth to check for underlying infections and decay.

Radiograph Frequencies

Clark Family Dental will as a practice policy require yearly radiographs or a minimum of every 2 years to adhere to insurance limitations. Dr. Beth and Dr. Chris require radiographs to provide optimal patient care.

Careful Consultations and Advice

After your dental cleaning, Dr. Chris or Dr. Beth will carefully analyze your teeth to check for fractures, dental decay, gum problems, and other signs of systemic disease. Believe it or not, as many as 120 serious illnesses present symptoms that are visible through an oral checkup. Dr. Chris or Dr. Beth will talk with you about the treatments available to improve your teeth, and offer advice regarding your care. Please note that our office is dedicated to helping patients feel comfortable and in-control of their dental care. This means that we will never pressure you to receive treatment, or make you feel guilty about the current state of your teeth.

Dental Sealants

Studies have shown that up to 23% of children between the ages of 2-5 have undiagnosed dental cavities, which is why dental sealants are so important. Dental sealants are a non-toxic plastic substance that is painted onto clean teeth to protect them from plaque, tartar, and bacteria. Sealants also fill in the microscopic hills and valleys present on difficult-to-reach back molars, which helps to make your child’s teeth easier to clean.

Customized Mouth Guards

We also create customized mouth guards to protect you or your child’s teeth. If you play sports or have a teeth grinding problem, customized mouth guards can help to protect your teeth from impact, fractures, and oral tissue lacerations.

Preventive Care At Home

You can do your part to prevent dental decay by making a few changes at home. Eating a healthy, balanced diet can help to hydrate and nourish your body, which helps to fend off oral decay. Brush your teeth twice a day with a fluoridated toothpaste, and floss once a day to eliminate food particles that may have gotten stuck between your teeth. Also, we encourage all of our patients to come in for dental exams every six months. Come and visit preventive dentists Drs. Chris and Beth Clark at Clark Family Dentistry in New Albany, Ohio for your general dentistry needs. Contact us to make an appointment!

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