Periodontal Dentistry

Don’t let gum disease destroy your smile; let Clark Family Dental help!

Gum disease is one of the most common diseases, oral or otherwise, in the United States. But regular preventive dentistry care and periodontal disease treatment from Clark Family Dental in New Albany, OH can help area families avoid the pitfalls and problems that can be caused by this serious dental health complication. Family dentists Drs. Chris and Beth Clark can stop your gum disease in its tracks and prevent future cases as well.

What is periodontal therapy?

If your gum disease is not too advanced, we can perform non-surgical gum disease therapy to keep your gum disease from becoming more serious. We will clean the infected area thoroughly, getting below the gum line to flush out toxins and disease-causing bacteria. Then we’ll plane the tooth root, making it smooth and less inviting for debris. Going forward, regular and thorough home care coupled with preventive dentistry care at our New Albany dental office will help keep you gum disease free.

Tips for Gum Disease Prevention

We’d like to help you prevent gum disease from striking in the first place. That’s why we’d like to see you twice a year for preventive dentistry care! We also recommend that you thoroughly brush your teeth twice a day, floss at least once a day, and use a fluoridated mouthwash to rinse away bacteria from hard-to-reach spots. Quitting smoking can help you avoid gum disease, and so can avoiding sugary foods. Eat a healthy, balanced diet. If your gums ever bleed, contact us. This is a sign you’re either brushing too hard or suffering from gum disease.

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Contact our New Albany dental office if you need gum disease treatment or an assessment. We see patients from the entire New Albany area. Gum disease can cause serious health complications and lead to tooth loss, so make sure you’re keeping your gums healthy with regular care from Clark Family Dental!

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