Dentistry for the Entire Family


Every age has special dental needs. At Clark Family Dental, we look out for the whole family, and offer checkups and dental cleanings to everyone, as well as individualized service for every member of your household. Here are some of the milestones to look forward to, and problems to watch for, at every stage of life.

Your child’s first tooth

While babies generally get their first tooth somewhere between four and six months of age, it can happen at any time up to a year. Whenever your child’s teeth begin to come in, they will need daily cleanings right from the start. You should also schedule your child’s first dental appointment when their teeth begin to erupt, to make sure that they are healthy and to have any questions answered about your child’s dental care. Clark Family Dental is happy to share this important occasion with your family, and promise to provide the gentle and competent care your child needs to begin a lifelong habit of good oral health.

Sports and athletic activities

As your child gets older, their interest in sports and hobbies will grow. Many of these activities, whether they’re team sports like football, soccer, and basketball, or individual events like gymnastics and track, can be dangerous for your child’s teeth. We advise the use of athletic mouth guards for children, teens, and adults involved in athletic activities. While over-the-counter mouth guards are available, the most effective protection comes from custom-made mouth guards, which are offered by Clark Family Dental. Talk to Dr. Beth or Dr. Chris about fitting your child for a mouth guard, so that they can enjoy their activities without fear for their teeth.

Permanent molars

Your child will generally get their first adult teeth, a set of molars, between the ages of six and seven. Once they do, it is vital to help them care for those teeth by applying dental sealants. Molars are naturally full of pits and crevices which can easily harbor food and plaque, leading to the majority of all tooth decay. A child at that age doesn’t have the ability to clean their molars well enough to prevent this. But dental sealants fill those crevices and provide a new, smooth tooth surface that is easy to clean. Let us help protect your child’s teeth as soon as they emerge with dental sealants.

Lifelong dental care

As you get older, preventive care remains important; but you are also more likely to need restorative dental work, or to choose cosmetic dentistry procedures to improve the beauty of your smile. Clark Family Dental is proud to offer a full range of restorative and cosmetic services including composite fillings, dental bonding, porcelain veneers, dental crowns, Invisalign, teeth whitening, dental implant restorations, and root canal therapy. Whatever your dental care needs, we can help you achieve the health and aesthetics you are looking for at any age.

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