Happy New Year from Clark Family Dental


Make Dental Health A New Year’s Resolution!

Dr. Beth and Dr. Chris would like you and your family to make dental health a priority in 2016. In fact, why not make oral health a New Year’s Resolution? Join with us by taking the time to make an appointment, find out what is troubling those teeth, and committing yourself to better dental hygiene. You never know, better oral health now might protect your teeth from things like discoloration, fractures, cavities, and even periodontal disease. A focus on preventative care can also drive down your overall dental care costs, since you might not need as many procedures.  

If you aren’t sure where to start, we can help. We love to talk with our patients about their current dental hygiene regimen and make suggestions to improve their practices.

We Can Help

Here at Clark Family Dental, one of our main focuses is preventative dentistry. We want to teach you and your family how to avoid dental decay in the first place. We love to answer questions about oral health and teach you how to use tools already at your disposal. If you want to come in for a checkup, feel free to bring in your current toothbrush and your favorite floss. We can watch your brushing technique to spot problems. For example, if you brush too hard and it is causing root exposure, we can show you how to lay off the gas.

We can also help you with existing dental issues. We have worked hard to make our practice viable to every member of your family, from toddler-age children to grandparents. We can take care of things like braces for teenagers, dentures for seniors, or even teeth whitening for you. Think of us as a one-stop-dental-shop for your busy family on the go. We pride ourselves in having the best staff in the business, so don’t worry about your kids being nervous to have their teeth cleaned.

To make an appointment, contact us at 614-503-7801.

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