Happy Thanksgiving from Clark Family Dental


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We hope that you will have the chance to take a little time away from work, enjoy your friends and family, and delve into some delectable holiday goodies.

Don’t Forget About Your Teeth This Thanksgiving!

You might not realize it, but your teeth can take a significant hit if you aren’t careful during the holidays. That monstrous meal can leave behind loads of food grime and sugars, which can create quite a feast for the oral bacteria inside of your mouth. Believe it or not, your mouth contains around 25 different strains of oral bacteria, each designed to target different teeth. As these bacteria grow and multiply, they can create acids that can erode enamel.

This holiday season, keep those bacteria in check by brushing your teeth after those big meals. To make flossing easier to do on the go, consider buying some disposable flossing picks and keeping a few in your jacket pocket. That way, you can keep your teeth clean—even when you are far away from home.

Avoid Dental Staining – If you want to keep your teeth clean and white, watch out for heavily pigmented foods like cranberries, after-dinner coffees, or flavored gelatins. If you let these dyes rest on your teeth, they can absorb some of the color and end up looking dingy. To keep dyes from sinking in, consider swishing your mouth with a little water or mouthwash. You can purchase small bottles of mouthwash meant for travel, which might help you to keep your teeth tidy.

Eat Hard Foods Carefully – eat hard foods like crusty breads, roasted corn, or snack chips carefully. If you bite down too hard, you could unintentionally create chips, fractures, or painful cracks.

Keep in mind that we are here to help you during the holidays if you have an emergency. If you sustain a dental injury, let us know and we will try to fit you in right away.

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