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At Clark Family Dental, we offer several types of restorative dentistry, dental work that restores your mouth to full health, beauty, and functionality. It means examining, diagnosing, and treating diseases of the teeth and all the structures in your mouth that support them, like the gums and bones. Restorative dentistry covers everything from fillings to dental implants—whatever you need to get your smile looking and feeling the way you want it to.

Restorative dental services offered by Dr’s Clark include:

Dental fillings

To reinforce damaged teeth and prevent cavities from growing larger, they should be filled as soon as possible. Clark Family Dental offers fillings which are mercury-free and safe for your use, and which will last for an average of twelve years. New fillings and replacements for old fillings are both offered by our office.

Dental crowns

When a tooth is very damaged, decayed, or worn down, it may require a dental crown. Dental crowns fit over the tooth and cover the entire visible tooth surface. They can be made of various metals, which require less removal of the existing tooth structure and cause less wear to the opposing teeth, and are unlikely to crack. They can also me made of porcelain or of porcelain fused to metal, which can be color matched to your existing teeth.

Root canal therapy

When a tooth is so severely damaged or infected that the soft tissues inside, or pulp, need to be removed, your dentist will perform a root canal procedure. This involves first cleaning out the hollow portions of the tooth—the root canals and pulp chamber—and then filling them with a substance that isn’t prone to decay. As the procedure removes the nerves from inside the tooth and cuts off the blood supply, it is usually best for the tooth to also receive a crown. An alternative to root canal therapy is complete removal of the infected tooth.

Dental implant restorations

Where a tooth has been removed, it can and should be replaced by a dental implant. Dental implants come in two parts: the first is a post anchored in your jawbone as a replacement for the tooth’s root, and the second is a dental crown placed over the post. Dental implants look like your natural, healthy teeth and can restore your smile to its full health and brightness.

If you are interested in learning more, and want to schedule an appointment please let us know and we will be happy to talk to you and help answer any questions that you might have!

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