Two Reasons Preventive Dental Care is Important


Unless you experience sudden, painful dental problems or work in a dental office, it might be easy to forget about your semi-annual dental checkups. Unfortunately, skipping your exams could cause more problems later. Here are two reasons preventive dental care is important, and how it can help you down the road:

1: You Can Catch Problems Early

If you let that dental decay linger, it can cause big problems. Tiny cavities can spread into large crevices, giving bacteria an easy way to access your jawbone. Before you know it, you might be suffering from severe tooth pain, or left staring at an unsightly boil.

Fortunately, if you visit the dentist when you should, you can catch problems early. Our hygienists can perform careful evaluations of your teeth, looking for discoloration, cavities, gum problems, fractures, and infections. If problems are detected, one of our doctors can resolve the issue right away—before it snowballs into a larger, more expensive problem.

2: You Can Develop A Solid Dental Care Routine

You might think that you know how to use that powerful new power toothbrush, but what if you are holding it incorrectly and eroding your gums? One of the best things about visiting the dentist on a regular basis is that it gives you a chance to develop a solid dental care routine.

During your visits, Dr. Clark can inspect your teeth and gums for new problems, so that you can adjust your regimen. For example, if you have been inadvertently cutting your gum tissue in the same spot, Dr. Clark might be able to recommend a less painful solution. When you come to your appointment, come armed with questions! Dr. Clark loves talking with patients about their concerns.

If you know that it has been a while since you visited the dentist, make an appointment with Dr. Beth or Chris Clark today.

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