Diabetes and Oral Health

Diabetes can lead to many health problems which can be overwhelming. Clark Family Dental is here to help with oral health related issues as a result of Diabetes. Did you know that Diabetes can lead to gum and teeth problems? Without addressing these issues and without proper care any oral health problems you may have will just get worse, which can lead to even more health issues. This is why It’s important to be aware of the oral symptoms that Diabetes can lead to.

Dry mouth and Gum Disease

Dry mouth is one of the most common problems that those with Diabetes have. You have probably experienced this for yourself or have heard someone talk about it. Dry mouth symptoms can include a dry tongue, dry and cracked lips, difficulty chewing, swallowing and talking. These are all annoying and uncomfortable but more importantly than that, dry mouth can also lead to more serious issues. Because Diabetes reduces your mouth’s saliva production it can make your teeth more vulnerable to decay and lead to gum disease. Saliva helps wash away plaque and tartar; the less saliva that is in your mouth, the more likely chance you have of plaque and tartar build up.

Diabetes can reduce the blood supply to the gums which increases the risk of gum disease. One form of gum disease is gingivitis and if left untreated can lead to more serious issues. Diabetes also reduces the body’s resistance to infection and it puts the gums at risk even further for gingivitis.

Oral Surgery Complications

Diabetes can complicate oral surgery if you ever need it, especially if it is poorly controlled. Because Diabetes reduces the body’s resistance to infection it also makes it harder to heal which can increase the risk of disease. Sometimes you blood sugar levels may be more difficult to control after oral surgery as well. As a result, It is important to find a dentist that is aware and sensitive to your needs and has your best interest at heart.

At Clark Family Dental we understand that having Diabetes can be overwhelming, especially when you are first learning about it. We keep up-to-date on periodontal therapy and we can work together with your physician if needed to find the best solution for you. We want you to feel comfortable working with us and the treatment you need will be specialized and tailored toward your specific condition. Clark Family Dental is your clear choice in the New Albany area. Contact us today.

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