Are you missing a tooth? If you have a tooth that has been extracted, it leaves behind a large gap in your smile. It is in your best interest to replace the tooth as a missing tooth can lead to a number of oral health problems. Clark Family Dental specializes in providing patients with affordable, long-lasting dental procedures, allowing you to enjoy sharing your smile with others. Here are some of the reasons why you need to replace a missing tooth.

Teeth Shifting and Bite Problems

When a tooth is extracted, the area in the mouth no longer has a support in place to keep the other teeth from moving. It is common to see the other teeth start to shift, leading to a crooked smile. Shifting teeth can cause several issues with your bite, and can even lead to differences in your speech. It is important to meet with a dentist soon after an extraction to discuss the options that are available for missing teeth replacement in New Albany, OH. Dental implants are the preferred option as they are long-lasting, and look as close to a traditional tooth as possible.

Face Shape Alteration

When teeth are extracted from the mouth, they no longer have a root structure in place to continue nourishing the jawbone. The body stops sending nutrients to the jawbone, which will lead to bone deterioration. As the bone begins to deteriorate, it can cause the shape of your face to change. Quite often the cheeks will start to have a “sunken in” look to them. Dental implants are the best option as they do continue to keep the jawbone strong, keeping your appearance the same.


Many patients end up with a condition known as temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) following an extraction. TMJ is when the upper and lower jaws do not meet properly, causing excess stress on the jaw joint, leading to pain and possibly can lock a jaw in place. It is important to meet with a dentist regularly to check for shifting of the alignment of your teeth as it can lead to TMJ and other painful conditions.

Gum Disease

Without the teeth in place to nourish the mouth, we often see an increase in gum disease. Gum disease occurs when the teeth shift out of alignment and patients are unable to reach all the areas in the mouth properly to remove plaque and bacteria.

Contact Clark Family Dental today to discuss your options for missing teeth replacement New Albany, OH. We want to help you be proud of your smile by offering effective, long-lasting oral health solutions. Call today to schedule your consultation.