Oral cancer is a very real and deadly plague. Though not as talked about or given as much attention as other types of cancer, as it is currently measured, its five year survival rate is only 60%. It is also more common than you may have thought – according the OCF (Oral Cancer Foundation), approximately 42,000 Americans are affected by oral cancer each year. That means that 115 individuals get diagnosed with it per hour!

Oral Cancer is a group of cancers that develop in parts of the mouth, face, throat and eyes, as well as in the tongue, tonsils and gums. It is characterized by deformed or unhealthy looking tissue. Here at Clark Family Dental, our qualified dentists are trained to recognize sign of oral cancer, and if it’s been a while since you’re last checkup, we highly recommend that you schedule an appointment with one of them. When you come in, you will find that we genuinely care about the health and well being of our patients.

Here three of some the best things you can do to reduce the likelihood becoming a victim of oral cancer:

  1. Don’t use tobacco. Due to the extremely high correlation that this practice has in relation to the development of oral cancer, if you have this habit, we advise you to cut it out of your life. All around, you will feel healthier and stronger, and you will also reduce the likelihood of receiving other deadly illnesses such as lung cancer.
  2. Practice good oral hygiene. One of the simplest ways you can preclude the development of oral cancer is by simply brushing your teeth and flossing every night. In addition to giving you a cleaner, whiter smile, this practice can save you from all sorts of diseases and health issues!
  3. Get a checkup. Because oral cancer does not typically cause pain or provoke other noticeable symptoms until it has continued to other parts of the body, many people do not know they have oral cancer until it’s too late. According to a recent statistic, only about 15% of people who visit the dentist get checked for it. When it comes to protecting yourself from this cancer, getting it diagnosed and treated early has everything to do with survival!

Contact us to schedule an appointment with Clark Family Dental today! Whether you be a new or current patient, we will be more than happy to perform your checkup and answer any questions you may have.