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An individual’s teeth can stain in two different ways: intrinsically and extrinsically. When a tooth is intrinsically stained, the inside yellows or discolors as a result of fluoride exposure, trauma, and from the use of some medications during one’s developing years. More common, however, is the extrinsic staining of the tooth’s enamel that can be caused by drinking coffee, tea, wine or soda, smoking tobacco, neglecting proper dental hygiene, and simple getting older. Teeth whitening procedures, such as the ones offered here at our New Albany, Ohio cosmetic dentistry office, can remove these stains and leave your smile whiter, brighter, and healthier.

Why do my teeth stain?

The outside coating of one’s teeth, the enamel, is very sensitive and its properties differ from person to person. When light is reflected off of the enamel, the natural color of one’s teeth is created. The whiteness of the tooth can vary depending on the color of the dentin underneath the enamel, the thickness and smoothness of the enamel, and the habits of the individual. Everyday, a new layer of pellicle (a thin coating of proteins) forms on top of the teeth and stains with the colors of food, beverages, and tobacco. Once the pellicle is stained, the enamel’s pores can hold on to this coloring and change the overall color of one’s smile.

How does the whitening procedure work?

Here at our New Albany cosmetic dentistry office, we offer both in-office whitening procedures and at-home kits to help you achieve the smile you desire. Both routines begin with a consultation in which we examine your teeth, take photographs, and find out the source of staining. This appointment may also point out cavities that need to be corrected before the procedure and/or gum recession causing yellowness that will not be corrected through the procedure. It is also important to remember that these procedures will not work on ceramic or porcelain dental implantscrowns, and veneers.  


    • In-Office Whitening Procedure

      The In-Office whitening procedure is often preferred due to its simplicity and effectiveness. At the start of your appointment, your teeth will be cleaned to remove any plaque, food, bacteria, and other debris. Once the teeth are clean, the whitening procedure will begin. The procedure is quick and easy, only taking around 30-90 minutes, as the dentist coats your teeth in a gel and uses a special laser or light to speed up the process. The average patient requires 1-3 treatments before achieving his or her desired color and most patients return back for touchups in the years to come. 

    • At-Home Whitening Procedure

      In addition to in-office whitening, our team here at Clark Family Dental also offers an at-home method to be done over the course of several days/weeks. In this procedure, we will meet with you for a consultation and create a set of trays that fit your teeth. When you are home, all you need to do is fill the mouthpieces with the whitening gel we give you and keep the trays in for several hours each day. The duration of time you need to wear the trays will depend on each individual and their desired color. Although convenient, the at-home trays use a weaker whitening solution and take longer to achieve comparable results.

What are the benefits of professional teeth whitening over other OTC options?

OTC options can be great for short-term results, but do not achieve the same level of whitening as our procedures. For one thing, the gel used is significantly weaker than the version we use here and so it will take a lot longer to achieve the color you desire. Additionally, the trays provided are not specifically molded to your teeth and, as a result, are less effective for whitening. For the price, OTC whitening products are okay, but if you desire long-lasting white color, we recommend you visit our New Albany cosmetic dentistry office today.

How do I schedule my whitening treatment today?

Scheduling your whitening appointment is very simple as it is one of the most common procedures done here at our offices. Contact us today to set up your consultation and you will be on your way to a brighter, whiter smile in no time.

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