The holidays are for family, friends, fun, and food. However, even when you are having a good time, it is important to still keep your dental health in mind. This way you can start the new year with healthy teeth and gums! Consider these dental tips as you go through the holiday season.

  • Don’t use your teeth as tools. Teeth are great for many things like chewing and enunciating. But they do not make good tools. Using your teeth to open bottles, packages, or snacks will not lead to good things. That includes using your teeth as a nutcracker. Do not do this! With time these tool like activities with your teeth will weaken the enamel and the more fragile edges of your teeth will lead to chipping and cracking and can lead to an expensive, necessary cosmetic repair.
  • Avoid certain holiday foods. Sticky, hard, chewy and sugary foods may taste good but they are no friend to your teeth. That includes the popular candy cane, soft mint chews, ice cubes and chestnuts. It might be hard to stay away from these foods, but think of them as something that could lead an expensive dental filling instead, that may curb your desire to snack on them.
  • Chew cinnamon gum. Besides having a holiday flavor to it, cinnamon gum actually can provide other benefits. It contains an ingredients called “cinnamaldehyde.” This in an essential oil that gives the gum that crisp, spicy flavor. It can also hunt down and destroy cavity-forming bacteria and that is ideal during this time of year. Not to mention that cinnamon gum can keep your breath fresher longer, which will definitely help with all those parties you’ll be attending.
  • Drink Plenty of Water. Water has so many benefits especially during the holidays when sometimes you don’t feel your best. Water will help skin looking fresh and hydrated. It will also help freshen your breath and aid in digestion and elimination. Which can’t hurt since you may be eating a little more junk food than usual. Water just makes you feel better all around and is so good for you. It can’t hurt to keep up with the drinking water habit during this time of year.
  • Keep up with your daily dental routine. Stick to your brushing and flossing daily habits. Twice-daily flossing will only help get all that junk out of your teeth. With just a little bit of extra planning and effort during this time of year, you can look forward to a clean bill of dental health in the coming year.
  • Schedule an appointment. This may be last on the list but is probably the most important. Regularly visiting your dentist will do the most good and help to keep that mouth free from bacteria that accumulates during the holiday season. Call Clark Family Dental today to schedule your appointment and have a wonderful Holiday!