Custom Athletic Mouthguards for New Albany, OH

If your kids are involved in sports, then you know what it feels like to watch them get hit on the court or field. You might wince until you watch them get up and give you the signal that they are alright. However, you might be able to ensure their safety by doing something as small as investing in a custom athletic mouthguard. Here are a few potential dental sports injuries your child might receive, and how a mouthguard can help:

Potential Dental Sports Injuries

·         Fractures: When your child jumps to catch a pass or to make a shot, they might not be worried about their teeth. Unfortunately, if those teeth meet together incorrectly, they might endure painful tooth chips or even fractures.

·         Knocked Out Teeth: You can’t always control what other people do on the sports field, which is why knocked out teeth are so common. If your kid takes a hit to the mouth or face, they might have to endure a gap-toothed smile with missing teeth until you can afford an implant. Fortunately, since mouth guards spread out the impact over a large area, you might be able to help your kid to avoid knocked out teeth.

·         Teeth Being Pushed Through Lips and Cheeks: Sometimes, the teeth can even be pushed through lips or surrounding cheek tissue, causing extensive facial injuries. However, since mouth guards create a dull, blunt surface to protect the tissue from sharp edges, you might not have to worry about these types of injuries.

·         Concussions: Believe it or not, mouth guards aren’t just for dental injuries. Since these crucial dental devices can absorb impact, they might even help your kid to ward off concussions.

Problems With DIY Athletic Mouthguards

Oftentimes, we hear from parents who complain about their child’s existing mouthguard that they ordered online. Unfortunately, since these mouthguards are made as one-size-fits-all devices, they aren’t always as effective at protecting against sports injuries. Here are a few other issues DIY athletic mouthguards might cause:

·         Comfort: When you order a DIY athletic mouthguard, it might come along with instructions for how to soften the plastic. Oftentimes, these instructions include boiling or microwaving the device to make the plastic malleable. Unfortunately, if your child bites down incorrectly or doesn’t wait until the device is cooled, they might end up with oral burns or a device that doesn’t quite fit right—leading to comfort issues.

·         Fit: Unfortunately, fit can have a great impact than you might think. If that device doesn’t fit properly, it might fly out—rendering the device completely useless.

How Clark Family Dental Can Help

Fortunately, here at Clark Family Dental, we can create customized, comfortable mouthguards for your family athletes. After taking a few different careful molds of your child’s mouth, we use an advanced dental lab to craft the mouthguards. After the mouthguards are fabricated, they are returned to our office where we check them for fit. Also, since you know where you got you got your mouthguard, you can simply call us if you have questions or problems with your device.